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Accommodation ladders Testing

NAVALTECH can carry out inspection & loading test of Accommodation ladders and Gangways as per MSC.1/Circ.1331.
Accommodation and Gangway Ladders Inspection and Maintenance.
Accidental falls from gangways can cause fatal or incapacitating injuries, but properly rigged and maintained guarding can prevent these. Gangways and Accommodation Ladders, including their associate winches, wires and fittings, should be properly maintained and inspected at appropriate intervals in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions. 
NAVALTECH conducts inspections, loading tests and certification with all due care to every embarkation and disembarkation means in accordance with SOLAS regulations and manufacturer’s instructions in order to ensure personnel safety.
SOLAS Regulations I/7 and I/8 require Gangways and Accommodation Ladders to be examined and tested on a yearly and 5-yearly basis. At every five-yearly survey, upon completion of examination, the Gangway and Accommodation Ladders should be operationally tested with their specified maximum operational load. All inspections, maintenance work and repairs of accommodation ladders and gangways should be recorded in order to provide accurate history of each appliance.
Why choose NAVALTECH for your Gangway & Accommodation Ladder testing needs?
We are well-equipped with the infrastructure, technical expertise, and experience to inspect and execute load testing of Gangways and Accommodation Ladders onboard your vessel or any Class approved service facilities internationally.
Every accommodation and gangway ladder must:
1. be maintained in a safe condition;
2. be installed in a manner that reduces movement;
3. be suitably rigged and maintained to compensate for the movement of the vessel;
4. be adequately lighted; 
5. as far as practicable, not to be more than a 40° angle to the horizontal plane;
6. be provided with a lifebuoy that has an attached line and is strategically placed and ready for immediate use; and
7. have the mechanical, electrical, gearing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems in good working order.