ensuring safety in tough environment



NAVALTECH is specialised in providing services for the Marine Safety of Merchant vessels. We offer a wide breadth of knowledge and extensive experience, a comprehensive range of products and quality services to our clients. With our total commitment to save lives and our dedicated personnel, we guarantee timely delivery of quality marine safety and survival systems.
NAVALTECH’s founders and team are well-established professionals who possess in depth qualifications, experience and expertise in the Marine Industry. The company employs Marine Engineers and Naval Architects who have worked in the Marine Safety sector for many years, having carried out numerous repairs, surveys and inspections.

Our people
At NAVALTECH we have worked carefully to select the right, highly trained personnel in order to deliver our services to your company. Our human resources play the most important role in delivering each project successfully, with precision and efficiency. We are ensure that our personnel is fully trained and qualified to carry out their services for you. We aim to undertake continuous training to enhance the existing expertise and follow state of the art technical demands.

Our mission is to promote the security of life, property and the natural environment by using the latest technology, equipment and expertise. At NAVALTECH we aspire and aim to protect life, property and the environment through integrated teamwork. We maintain a customer driven approach that fosters relationships and make a continuous effort to provide innovative products and services, incorporating the latest technology, thereby generating revenues, enhancing social values and fuelling growth.

Quality and Reliability
NAVALTECH has built a reputation of innovation and quality. Our products, services and the work carried out comply with all the applicable standards of regulatory bodies such as SOLAS, Manufacturers, Classification Societies, etc. We often set stricter benchmarks for ourselves. On this basis, we can guarantee optimal safety, speed, and security in any conditions.

NAVALTECH aims to provide: 

  • Quality services, inspections, surveys and tests of lifeboats and launching appliances and equipment in compliance with MSC.1Circ.1206, Class societies and Flags.
  • Conformity with manufacturer’s instructions, specifications, terms and conditions. 
  • Services that conform with all the latest rules, procedures, requirements and technological advances in Marine Safety.
  • UTM and Cargo Gear Testing expertise and precision.
  • Tailor-made services and spare parts worldwide.
  • Well-trained personnel.
  • Quality equipment and instruments for the services.
  • Services globally 24/7
  • Safety and seaworthiness of vessels.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to client needs. 
  • Quality products and constant proactive support.  
  • Confidentiality.
  • Cost effectiveness.