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Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

NAVALTECH is approved by all IACS members to conduct UTM surveys.
Our Policy is to provide professional services in Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement on Hull Structure to our customers at all times. 
NAVALTECH is committed towards our customers and the Classification Societies to: 
• Comply with all relevant rules and requirements of the IACS Classification Societies. 
• Meet the customer requirements as stipulated in the contracts for the execution of UTM surveys.
• Comply with the quality system set by the client company. 
• Continuously improve the quality of services by regular trainings/seminars of the personnel.
• Provide all the necessary resources and equipment.
• Follow the new requirements set by Classification Societies and update services accordingly.
NAVALTECH Operators use Ultrasonic Equipment dual echo machinery of the latest technology made by the best manufacturers. The equipment is regularly serviced, tested and accompanied with the relevant calibration certificates, therefore, ensuring the quality of our services.
Our UTM team will further assist you by: 
• Responsibly marking all steel renewals of the vessel.
• Cross-checking, on a daily basis, dimensions of cropped steel plates. 
• Reporting to superintendent on the progress of repairs. 
• Supervising Fit up & Final inspection of hull structure. 
• Mapping and Recording of staging, calculated in Cubic Meters. 
• Final cross-check of shipyard’s work done list. 
• Performing Anchor Chain Measurements.